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44 Tool Organizer by Keter


Overall: 35.5'' H x 35.35'' W x 17'' DOverall Product Weight: 5lb.Are you tired of piling up your long handled yard tools or household cleaning tools in a corner just to have them all fall over when you are trying to get the one you need? Chores are tough enough without keeping track of mislaid or tangled up tools. Keter has the solution for you with the Keter Tool Storage Rack Organizer. The Keter Tool Rack Organizer offers a practical solution to minimize the clutter and organize your long or short handled garden or household tools. Its sturdy tool caddy...

Folding Compact 36 W Top Workbench by Keter


Overall: 33.5'' W x 21.7'' DOverall Product Weight: 26.61lb.This Folding Compact 36 W Top Workbench is a must-have. Instead of using the ground or a makeshift platform for your work use this functional Folding Compact 36 W Top Workbench and get the job done easily and efficiently. From contractor to homeowner whether using it as a sawhorse paint table or other type of work station. The Folding Compact 36 W Top Workbench pops up to allow for a work surface then neatly folds away when you're done. Won't take up much room when not in use. Two clamps...

New Masterloader Plastic Portable Rolling Organizer Tool Box Storage Solution by Keter


Overall: 16.34'' H x 14.88'' W x 24.25'' DOverall Product Weight: 13.23lb.The Keter New Masterloader Plastic Portable Rolling Organizer Tool Box Storage Solution is a sophisticated container for your tools. Made from polypropylene resin plastic this toolbox is sturdy and long-lasting. It comes in a two-tone finish that includes the colors red and silver. Being rust- and corrosion-resistant this toolbox retains its original look for a long time. It comes equipped with a handle and two wheels that make it easy to travel with. The Keter New Masterloader Plastic...

18.9 New Classic Toolbox by Keter


Overall: 9.84'' H x 18.9'' W x 10.24'' DOverall Product Weight: 4.08lb.Reliable tool storage is important whether you use your tool collection at home or on the job. You need a way to keep tools safe and organized so that theyre always ready to go when you need them. With a Keter plastic toolbox you get the storage you need in the form of a rugged case that makes it easy to bring your tools along wherever you go.

23 Cantilever Organizer by Keter


Overall: 6.57'' H x 22.52'' W x 12.09'' DOverall Product Weight: 7.72lb.The organizer is constructed of high-quality industrial resin one of the strongest and most durable plastics used for storage and organization containers. The futuristic design is compact and chic. The organizer features a professional black finish that can withstand even the roughest of treatment dished out by DIY hobbyists and seasoned experts alike. The sturdy metal latch makes sure all of your precious contents stay secure during when not in use and transport. This craftsperson storage...

22 Cantilever Toolbox by Keter


Overall: 9.65'' H x 22.32'' W x 12.36'' DOverall Product Weight: 7.72lb.The box is ideal for both professionals and weekend warriors as it's made with a heavy-duty construction and provides a convenient way to organize and transport a wide range of tools. The interior is spacious enough for large power tools and bulkier items while the organizer with 11 removable bins in two sizes is perfect for small and medium-sized components. This toolbox also features a non-breakable polycarbonate lid metal latches a heavy-duty metal handle with a soft grip and a...